Best Ferret Food to maintain your ferret health

Best Ferret Food to maintain your ferret health
best ferret food

If you cherish a few ferrets, then you will be facing the problem about the ferret’s meal. Food is such an ingredient that is very necessary for all creatures of the world. There are many differences of type and quality in their foods according to the classification of the creature. So you have to know which foods are healthy for your ferret. Many of us know that these animals are usually carnivorous. They accept the entire nutrition ingredient from the meat, that they need.

Many people like to foster the ferret, because of their intelligence, cleverness, and to look pretty, but they do not have any idea about their daily diet. There are different brands of food in the market that are prepared for the ferret; you can find some ideas when you research them. However, we have researched several brands and considered some of the foods as the best food for the ferret. We will review these foods in this best ferret food article. You can find the ideal and nutritious food to take for them from here.

What kind of food does Ferret likes to eat?

Since they are carnivorous, they mostly eat nutritious foods. For example, cats do not eat any grass or green food, just like a ferret, the main nutrients of their food, they are taken from meals. Pellet is a common food for the domestic animal but should have a snack. Specifically, here is the list of some food names that ferret likes.

  • Raw Chicken (fresh)
  • Cooked eggs
  • Raw Lamb (fresh)
  • Raw Turkey (fresh)

Another thing to be noted, the cats or other pets take some food as their main food, several foods from there are considered as ferret foods. However, these foods cannot be selected as ferret main food. Best of all, if you prepare a diet list for your ferret that contains at least 30-40% of the nutrition daily.

If you don’t know about the ferret food chart then go through our article What Do Ferrets Eat?

9 Best Ferret Food Chart

Wysong Ferret Dry Food

It is a popular food in the ferret’s food list. You must choose some foods that are easily digestible for your ferret. According to the nutrition Wysong food, if you regularly give this food for your ferret, their hair will thicken and the odor of the body will be reduced. And it works for the healing of various diseases of the ferret. In one word it is like a cure medicine as well as food.

The bladder stone is one of the main problems of this species, this food will protect your ferret from this problem. This packet contains about 62% protein, which is good enough for a ferret and it carries 14% fat, which is safe for your ferret, usually, having the maximum 20% fat is safe for this animal, and then you are getting fat in a fixed and accurate ratio in this package.

It is an ideal food for increasing the digestion of your pet, which carries Probiotics, Prebiotics, Enzymes, Phytonutrients, Nutraceuticals, Natural Form Antioxidants, Vitamins, and Minerals.

The Advantages

  • In this meal, has the maximum amount of protein.
  • Wysong Ferret Food has a necessary dimension of fat.
  • Wysong food removes odor from the body of ferrets
  • The diet enhances digestion.
  • This is a trusted brand meal; it is the most popular meal for pets.
  • It does not contain starch.

The Disadvantages

  • The package contains only a little amount of food.
  • This diet is not very beneficial for an older ferret.

Wysong Ferret Archetype – Raw Ferret Food

Wysong prepares the pet food considering the nutritional requirements of all types of animals. This Archetype package contains food for several organisms. From the quail, chicken, and rabbit’s meat, this brand has been prepared the pet’s food in three separate formulas. If you want, you can purchase a separate package food for your pets.

In this formula, you will get adequate protein and the fat element for your ferret. Generally, the manufacturer has kept 20% fat considering this because it is safe to eat 20% fat in a ferret’s diet. You can safely use this diet as pet food.

Look at a different feature of this package. It is a food package that can tolerant the highest temperature, which is not heated at 118 degrees Fahrenheit. It is completely dry, just mixing a little amount of water during the meal so that they have the favor of eating. These are made of meat and starch-free, which can help increase the digestive power.

These foods also contain Nutraceuticals, Prebiotics, Probiotics, Vitamins Minerals, Antioxidants, and Nutrition Supplements. Moreover, your ferrets will have free from fats and other diseases due to the presence of plant nutrients. You can purchase as the best ferret food for your ferrets.

The Advantages

  • Is not heated at 118 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • This single package you can use for more than one ferret.
  • Cats can also feed this food.
  • Proper nutrients are used and there is a moderate amount of fat.
  • Favorite food for the ferret.

The Disadvantages

  • Customer complaints about cellar service.

Marshall Premium Ferret Diet

Marshall is appreciated in worldwide as a popular ferret’s diet. The food is recognized by the world’s largest ferret breeds institute. The food made with enough quantity of nutrients, but most of the ferret owners don’t want to buy this food. Because of the corn is used to manufacturing this meal.

You may know that the corn is not easily digestible for these types of pets. There is a possibility to be problems in the stomach of ferret if it is not easily digestible.

There are other constituents without corn only, which are digestible and beneficial for the ferret. And it is also suited for ferret of all ages. 18% fat has been used for this food, which is a healthy diet for a ferret. And it contains 38% protein, 10% of the moisture that is good enough for maintaining the healthy diet of the ferrets.

The Advantages

  • Suitable for ferret of any age and can be used as a main meal.
  • This pack contains moderate amounts of fat, protein, and moisture.
  • About 3.15 kilograms of food is available in one packet.
  • Price is comparatively low.

The Disadvantages

  • Indigestible corn has been used to prepare in this food.

Marshall Pet Products Select Chicken Formula Premium Ferret Diet

This is one of the best products in Amazon’s preferred product list. The product is a bit like a premium ferret diet, but it cannot be compared with that. The package of the food has been enriched with the combination of high-quality protein, raw meat, and natural nutrients to produce, so this food is able to fulfill all the needs of your ferret, and this food is suitable for all ages of the ferret.  

To maintain the good health of a ferret, the ingredients that are required, almost all are present in this meal. It has enough amounts of crude protein, fat, and moisture for your ferret’s food.

Usually, these animals are carnivores; raw meat is their first choice. So this diet is also mixed with raw meat, which increases digestion in the stomach and accelerates the physical growth of ferret. And the ferret can comfortably feed it. To prepare the diet, the meat has been cooked at a certain temperature, 38% of nutritionally rich foods can be an ideal meal for your loving pets.

The Advantages

  • There are adequate proteins in the diet.
  • Increases digestion.
  • Plays an important role in physical growth.

The Disadvantages

  • Less fat is used than needed.

ZuPreem Premium Ferret Diet

ZuPreem is a popular and trustworthy brand as ferret’s food manufacturer. Generally, they avoid these ingredients that are harmful to pets and include those which are healthy as the ferret diet. However, there are some foods that are suited for pets, but they cannot easily digest. Plant-based proteins are not beneficial for a ferret; rather this diet reduces their digestive strength.

ZuPreem premium diet is used in essential nutrients, but due to having raw corn, digestion has been reduced. For that reason, most of the ferret owners are not interested in feeding these foods to their young ferret. So, in our opinion, refrain from Zupreem, you can use Wysong or Marshall instead. However, you can feed the ZuPreem Premium diet with an appropriate age ferret.

The Advantages

  • Most of the components are beneficial for the digestive tract.
  • It has modified levels of proteins and fats.
  • Strong raw meat.
  • Fully grain free.

The Disadvantages

  • There is a customer complaint that causes the stone of the ferret’s kidneys or bladder.

Kaytee Premium Ferret Food With Chicken

You all know that ferret is a clever animal; they are faster than cats, more amusing than monkeys. Every time they spend their enormous energy due to restlessness. So they need a lot of nutritious food (to meet) the reduced energy. To maintain their agility, there is no alternative for food that is full of dietary foods. For your ferrets you can choose Kaytee Premium, it is a specific meal for ferrets, which may have a natural habitude in it.

Kaytee Premium carries the maximum amount of protein. There is approximately 35-38% protein in other band packages. This company provided 42% protein, which is guaranteed to meet all of the physical needs of the ferrets. This is capable of fulfilling all the needs of ferret’s physical growth.

But you can adopt a way for more safety. Since the pea-pod have been used to manufacture this meal, it is somewhat impossible to digestion. So you can purchase another food pack with this package. So it will be health risk-free for your ferret.

In addition to all other aspects, it is known as the best ferret food. It is made with tasty chicken meat and grain and gluten-free ingredients.   

The Advantages

  • The food is suitable for moderately fat-favored, proper support for ferret’s skin.
  • This diet contains 42% protein and 20% fats.
  • Foods prepared with real raw meat.
  • Grain and gluten-free foods.

The Disadvantages

  • Pea flour has been used to prepare food, which can cause the stones to the kidney.

ZuPreem Grain-Free Ferret Diet

Since granulated foods are not healthy for pets, so you have to choose such as food that is made with full grain free ingredient. The food you get in this ZuPreem Ferret food package is made entirely of Grain-Free ingredients.  

If you are a ferret owner and want to find out the ideal protein source for your ferret, then we think it is a standard protein source for your pet. This grain-free diet contains 40% of protein and 20% fat. This is the standard level for pets.

In addition, it is also prepared with three different animal meat, which will strengthen your pet and keep it healthy. Basically, if you can ensure the most nutritious, safe and nutritious food for your pet, it will always be able to give you the pleasure with the restlessness. I hope, your pet will love to feed this meal.

The Advantages

  • It’s a very tasty meal.
  • 100% safe and digestible.
  • All components have been used in sufficient quantities.
  • This diet has been given more importance on protein.
  • These foods are prepared from three different animal meat.
  • To improve the effectiveness of the stomach and keep skin good.

The Disadvantages

  • It can cause the bladder stones of the ferret.
  • Initially, there is a complaint that ferret becomes ill.

Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Health Small Animal Food for Ferrets

If you have more than one ferret and if you find a standard and healthy food packet for them, then we recommend you to buy Kaytee Forti Diet Pro for one or more of your ferret. Because of that, it is a large packet, which includes all the food ingredients needed for your pet.

This food has been prepared by an animal nutrition expert. What is the growing diet of a ferret? A pet expert is very well aware of what is needed to keep them healthy because he has done much research on this matter and has some practical experience. In that case, you are getting an extraordinary food packet for your ferret, which guarantees your physical growth of the ferret. Only the right nutrients and proteins can increase the digestion of ferret.

This diet contains 38% protein, 20% fat and 12% liquid. 20% fat is the ideal food level for a ferret, which keeps ferret’s body skin smooth and free from diseases. The main feature of this meal is that they are soft, pets can easily be chewing it and digest it quickly.

The Advantages

  • Easy to feed.
  • Easy digesting food.
  • There are adequate proteins and nutritious ingredients.
  • Accelerates ferret’s physical growth.
  • Maintains good health.
  • This is a very tasty meal.

The Disadvantages

  • Not enough raw meat was used.

Farnam Sheppard and Greene Adult Ferret Food

As there are variations in the nature of pets, there is a difference in their diet based on components and age. Especially ferret is a fickle creature, because of their activity; they often spend lots of energy. So, dietary rich food is essential for adult ferrets. This is just suited for adult ferrets.

The specialty of Farnam Sheppard is that this diet made of natural meat. You may know that like the other pet, the raw meat is the main and favorite food of an adult ferret.

So the main ingredient for the foods that are arranged for them is raw meat. Which keeps the ferret disease-free and strong. But you have to be careful about another thing that if corn or grains are used in small ferret food, it is harmful to them.

Because these components are not easily digested, although these foods are very strong and they help to boost the proteins. As it has been said that this food is for an adult ferret, so if you wish, you can feed this food as an alternative.

After the ferret has grown its stomach has become turn out and digestion strength has increased. You can buy if you want, but keep your focus on the healthy side of the ferret. Because of the plant-based ingredients can cause ferret’s disease in the body.

The Advantages

  • Protein and fat are in the correct level.
  • Actual chicken meat has been used to prepare food.
  • It carries the antioxidant.

The Disadvantages

  • One package contains very small amounts of food.
  • There are plant-based food ingredients.

Best cat food for ferrets

Both cats and ferret are pet or domestic animal. Although their size and shape are almost the same although their food is somewhat the same, there have some varieties. The growth level of the cats and ferret is not equal. So, a different kind of food is needed. However, we are going to review the three cat food for ferrets.

Orijen Dry Cat and Kitten Food

It is very light and dry cat food but suited for your ferret. It contains adequate protein and fat. And there are very low levels of carbohydrate, which will increase the digestion of the cat and ferret also. And Orijen keeps the ferret stomach clean.

It is a 100% grain-free meal, which is prepared in a biological way. Since ferrets are pets and carnivorous animals, they prefer to eat raw and cooked fish and meat. Besides, the eggs and milk is a lovely meal to the ferret. There is no unnecessary food ingredient in this meal, don’t have any grains and potatoes. This food is very healthy for your ferret.

The Advantages

  • 100% grain-free.
  • 90 percent meat. It has been made to combine the favorite food of the ferret.
  • There is no plant-based food.
  • Biologically prepared and dry food.

The Disadvantage

  • According to customer reviews, eating this meal regularly can cause the ferret to become sick.

Evo 2.2 Lb Grain Free Turkey And Chicken Formula Cat And Kitten Food

The ferrets are a fascinator creature; they always have the tendency to get love & affection. Due to affectionate, many people want to feed their healthy food.

This Evo 2.2 is antioxidant vitamin-rich food which is fully grain free. In the package, has the most favorite food of the ferret (turkey and chicken meat). Besides, other nutritious ingredients include eggs, apples, tomatoes, and carrots. Vitamin E rich food package is unique in providing nutrients for your ferret.

The Advantages

  • Make this meal with the solid meat of Turkey and chicken.
  • Antioxidant Vitamin-rich foods.

The Disadvantage

  • There are some plant-based food ingredients.

Go! Fit + Free Grain Free Chicken

It is a cat food which is prepared in the combination of duck and chicken meat. But it can also be eaten by ferrets since they are a carnivorous animal. Certainly, this is a very nutritious meal; there is no doubt about it. For such pets, meat has provided the most protein. Only plant-based meals are not beneficial to them. This pack has used two different kinds of meat, with which the ferret will surely get the adequate protein. Moreover, this meal has a chicken meal, de-boned chicken, de-boned turkey, duck meal, turkey meal, and salmon meal. To generate the required level of energy and calories for the little creature, I think this is good enough foodstuff.

The Advantages

  • More nutritious food.
  • This meal has been prepared with various animal meats.

The Disadvantage

  • Single pack contains a little amount of food.

Some of the consideration of buying the best ferret food

When you buy a piece of equipment then take a very careful note about the performance and parts of the device. In the same way, it should be emphasized on the purchase of an animal’s food. Your pet’s healthy life and proper growth are dependent on the food. If you fail to purchase the suitable foods, then there is more chance of harm than benefit in your pet’s health. So it’s a very sensitive matter.

When you buy food for your ferret, many things should be kept in mind. The flavor of the food, ingredients, bags, brands etc. If you want to buy the best ferret food then you have to do long research. Initially, you have to be looked at which food is most preferred to eat by the ferret. Then you will definitely be able to purchase a good meal pack. We have considered a few things as very important for your ferret best meal selection.

  • Food ingredients: The feature of the food depends on the food ingredients. The most favorite food of the pet is raw meat. Because they are carnivores. So there must be meat in the food ingredients. When you buy food for a ferret, be most careful about the ingredients. Because most manufacturers do not use real meat. So keep your attention in this regard. You need to know which food components are useful for a ferret. So make sure about the use of food ingredients.
  • Protein and Fat ratio: The food that contains at least 40% of protein, 20% fat and 10% moisture content is the ideal food for a ferret. But over 20% of fats are extremely harmful to a ferret. If this ratio is okay in your purchased food, then your ferret will be healthy, vigorous and safe. Physical development will be increased and they will be swankier.
  • Flavor: Generally, the stench is caused by the body of these species. So some ingredient is used in their food, which reduces odor from the ferret’s body.
  • Ferret’s favorite meal: If you can ensure his favorite food for the ferret, he is sure to be healthy. Otherwise, when your ferret receives unhealthy foods, its body will attack by the disease. The most deadly disease among these is the kidney stones. It is also the cause of the death of a ferret. Generally, the favorite foods of this kind of pets are the meat, from that they accept the necessary nutrients.
  • Unhealthy foods for ferret: These foods are unsafe or harmful for the ferret. For example, beans, corn, tomatoes, fruits, vegetables, peanuts, dairy, sweet foods, bread, and grains etc. The food they do not like to eat, because of feeding, their digestive strength decreases, among them, grain and plant-based foods are the main. Although these meals are very strong and rich in proteins. Moreover, you should refrain to feeding your ferret from all these foods.

Some of the frequently asked Question 

Can Ferret eat cat and dog food?

  • Both animals are of the same nature and they are carnivores. But there are not enough nutrients in the dog and cat’s food. But you can use cat or dog food for your ferret. But remember; never buy an adult dog or cat’s food for your ferret.

Can ferret eat raw meat?

  • Yes, raw meat is the very favorite food of all these pets.

Is it right to feed them a few brand foods together?

Yes, you can do it. If you do not have excessive plant-based proteins in a brand’s diet, you can use more than one brand of food together.

The Final Verdict

Food is the main way to survive any Organism. You might have the ferret or more than one ferret. To choose the right diet for your loving ferret, you have to do long research.

We reviewed the top 9 ferret foods and 3 best cat food for ferrets, from within; Wysong Ferret Archetype – Raw Ferret Food is considered as the best ferret food. And we also recommend you to purchase this pack. Hopefully, your pets will be healthy after feeding this meal, faster physical development will happen.


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