5 Best Guinea Pig Hay You Should Buy

Before getting into the best guinea pig hay, let us ask you a question. Are you new to the pet feed market? Do you know what kind of pet food you need to provide to your Rabbits, Guinea pigs and Chinchillas that you have bought recently?

If no! No worries we’re here to guide you and provide you with all the things that you need to know while buying the best guinea pig foods for your pet guinea pig! The below passage is to be read carefully.

Check out our guide to guinea pigs food chart and get to know what they usually eat.

If you are a regular or experienced customer you may skip the intro if you wish and directly check our best 5 hay for guinea pig list.

Okay so, you see, there are several brands selling various varieties and qualities of pet feed in the online market and you are like, “what brand am I supposed to trust or pick!?”

 Here in this page, we have done a lot of research on several brands that are dominating in the pet feed market and analyzed numerous customer reviews and finally come up with the 5 best Guinea pig hay for you and ultimately your little friend.

As you know guinea pigs, rabbits chinchillas etc. all these animals are herbivores, which means they feed on plants only. There are defiantly a lot of varieties of plants that they can feed on but the 2 most commonly used best guinea pig hay or grass is the Timothy hay for guinea pigs and the Meadow hay.

Timothy hay is made from the timothy grass. The hay for guinea pig consists of 3 parts- the seed head which is the tastiest part and is protein-rich, the stem contains crude fibres and beneficial fibres and the leaves rich in minerals and vitamins.

Timothy hay for guinea pigs would probably the best choice if you want to provide your pet with uniform stalky consistency.

Whereas the Meadow hay for guinea pigs is like a cocktail, it includes mixture plants like Dandelions, Thistles, Daisies and even Cornflowers, they provide huge nutrients with a lot of health benefits. It tends to contain more of leaves which are rich in minerals and vitamins.

Meadow can work as a great supplement. And Meadow hay comes in larger quantities at a cheaper price compared to Timothy hay.

So those were a few essential things that you need to know regarding you’re your pets feed and help you choose better from the list below.

Best Guinea Pig Hay

1. Excel Burgess Feeding Hay with Dandelion and Marigold 1kg (pack of 3)


Burgess is a British company established in 1790 and has been farming timothy hay and other varieties of hays for domestic herbivores and has been renowned for its quality.

Grown in the English barns dried in the fields naturally. And the dust and other granular wastes are removed to prevent any sort of respiratory illness and allergies of your pet.

The prime ingredient is the timothy grass and is blended with a small proportion of dandelion and marigold. Dandelion is known to prevent urinary infections and Marigold for strong immunity.

This guinea pig hay is great for chewing and aids proper dental health.

So overall, this is very well nutrition-balanced pet food and the packaging locks the moisture content of the hay which helps in preserving the natural freshness and sweet smell of the hay.


  • Contains essential fibres
  • Marigold for strong immunity
  • Dandelion to prevent urinary infections
  • Dust-free
  • Handsome quantity


  • Timothy grass- 98 %
  • Marigold- 1.5 %
  • Dandelion- 0.5 %

Product info

  • Package dimensions- 38 x 31 x 26
  • Weight – 1kg (per pack)
  • Quantity – 3 packs (1kg each)

Recommended for

  • Rabbits, Guinea pigs and Chinchillas of all ages

2. Pillow Wad meadow hay 2.25kg pack of 3


Pillow Wad is one of the few remaining small independent British Farming Family Company that has been producing meadow hay in traditional methods by their local farmers over the years. This meadow hay is harvested through traditional methods and dust extracted and then packed unchopped to preserve its natural goodness and nutrition.

Unlike the timothy hay, this soft English meadow hay does not consist of just one specific kind of grass instead it consists of a variety of grasses and other nutritional herbs which helps in providing a wide range of nutrition to your pet especially for the young ones. However some pets like adult rabbits are selective, they just eat the high calorific bits and leave the rest.

Meadow feed can be a handy supplement for your pet but not suitable to be the primary feed.

You might also sometimes expect some natural debris like twigs etc. but nothing toxic.


  • Soft
  • Unchopped
  • Dust-free
  • 100% natural with all-natural goodness
  • Grown in the United Kingdom


  • Meadow Hay and nutritional herbs

Additional Product info

  • Package dimensions- 52.5 x 48.2 x3 2.5
  • Weight -2.25kg

Recommended for

3. Nibble and Gnaw


Nibble and Gnaw produce premium Timothy hay, no blending with other herbs just 100% raw harvested Timothy hay. It is grown and harvested in Canada. The hay is properly dust freed and then packed. The packaging is so smart that it does not cause any chance of creating a mess while unboxing and the exterior box that it comes in is very durable and can be reused multiple times.

The Timothy grass provides the basic nutrients and healthy fibres that your pet needs for its proper bowl functioning and maintenance of its dental health.

As the name suggests the texture of this hay for guinea pig is perfect for your pet to nibble and gnaw and that’s the kind of activity the most herbivores prefer doing to spent most of their time when there are not engaged to any other activity.


  • Premium quality Timothy Hay
  • Grown in Canada
  • Fresh and healthy
  • Provides all the basic nutrients and fibres
  • Dust-free
  • Smart and safe packaging


  • 100% Timothy Hay

Additional Product info

  • Packaging size- 39.4 x 25 x 16.5 cm
  • Weight- 1.6 kg

Recommended for

  • Guinea pigs, Rabbits, Hamsters, Chinchillas etc.

4. Tiger box 2-kilogram nature own Timothy rich 5 a day hay foraging feed


Nature’s own and tiger box bangs the market with a very unique recipe, very healthy delicious and amazing-smelling ingredients along with a greater quantity of timothy hay. The whole blend of this best Hay for guinea pigs and the unique ingredients including the sweet bits of pumpkin fresh-smelling mint and other healthy and colorful ingredients including beetroot, marigold and sweet pepper all these ingredients provide a wide range of minerals, vitamins and fibres.

And keeps a check on the protein and calcium content to prevent your pet from gaining excessive fat.

The timothy hay and the other ingredients are carefully dried and dusted in the fields and safely packed preserving all its moisture and its fresh and sweet odor.


  • Made of special nutrient-rich and healthy ingredients
  • Smell, colour and moisture of the feed is well controlled
  • High in fibre content
  • Low protein and calcium
  • Dust-free hay for guinea pigs


  • A special blend of rich healthy and tasty ingredients including-
  • Fresh Timothy hay, Pumpkin, Sweet Peppers, Mint, Marigold and Beetroot

Additional Product info

  • Weight -2kg
  • Quantity – 2 packets (1kg each)

5. Supreme Science Selective Timothy hay


Supreme science selective is grown in the fields of Yorkshire. The timothy hay comes from the first cut a year, fresh from the fields.  As a result, the timothy tends to be more tender and more nibble-some for your pet. And this fresh hay is dust and excessive moisture removed and then packed to contain just the right amount of moisture and its great natural scent.

This timothy hay provides and a good amount of healthy fibres which helps in proper digestion and healthy stool formation, it also helps in the dental maintenance of your pet.

The brand has a pretty good spot on the market but it somehow fails to maintain its consistency in checking its quality, customers complain about the shortened strands of the hay and remains of dust in the pack.


  • Grown in Yorkshire
  • Sweet smelling and tasty fresh timothy hay
  • Rich in fibre beneficial for the digestive system
  • Low in calorie


  • Grown in Yorkshire
  • Sweet smelling and tasty fresh timothy hay
  • Rich in fibre beneficial for the digestive system
  • Low in calorie
  • Timothy hay

Additional Product info

  • Weight-2 kg
  • Package dimensions- 47 x 30 x 10 cm

We hope our best guinea pig hay review helps you choose the right kind of hay for pets. You may also try both the types of hay and observe your pet’s reaction towards them and feed them what they prefer.

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