Best Hamster Treats For Your Pet Hamster

Why best hamster treats when there is food for a hamster?

Treat some to win their hearts, treat someone to express love. Treat someone to build a better bond. Yeah, we are talking about treats for hamster, and these treats are none other than for your dearly and loving pet friend.

When you are initially in the process of building bonds with your pet you defiantly need to show extra love by maybe bribing them or treating them. And you may not know what kinda stuff you need to treat them, and we are here to guide you and solve your dilemma.

We present before you the top hamster treats that’s hot and among the best treats in the pet markets today.

Before you actually start making a purchase, there are certain important factors you need to know about your pet and the kind of treats that would be suitable for them.

So factor 1

Hamster breed

You need to first identify what breed of hamster you own because you may not know that there are certain breeds of hamsters (like the Chinese hamsters and dwarf hamsters) that are prone to diseases like diabetes and wet tail.

So, if you have such breeds please avoid using sugar-rich food or keep its sugar intake in the account. If you have any other rodents like rats or gerbils etc. then you are easy to go.

Factor 2

Nutrients factor

DIY hamster treats
DIY hamster treats

Look for treats rich in healthy nutrients. The regular food that you may feed your hamster may only contain basic nutrients. But for better growth and development you need to provide supplementary nutrients that provide the kind of nutrients your regular pet food does not supply or provide. Be its essential minerals, vitamins, proteins etc. that keep your pet healthy, happy and even live longer.

Factor 3

Crunch factor of the treats

Hamsters madly love crunchy and munchy treats, it may be well-dried fruits or nuts or maybe any baked stuff. The crunch factor of the snacks automatically attracts your pet and you don’t have to worry about your pet rejecting it.

Before going through these best treats for hamsters check out this making of DIY Hamster Treats:

Now that you are aware of the necessary factors, you are ready to select the right product for your pet from the list below. Happy shopping!

Best Hamster Treats List

Oxbow simple rewards baked hamster treats apples and banana 4 oz. 2 packs


Oxbow, a well-known pet product brand this time comes up with hamster treats. Oxbow simple rewards treat consists of mainly baked bananas and apples and timothy hay. They are mixed with other ingredients like barley and oat flour, cane molasses and guar gum to give it an irresistibly delicious taste.

Oxbow treats contain tocopherols a kind of food preservatives that are clinically tested to be safe for consumption, so this should not be a factor for much concern.

Oxbow simple rewards banana treats and oxbow simple rewards apple treats are not heavy in ingredients and excessive calories. It is made light and simple and it comfortably stands among the top treats for hamsters, rabbits, gerbils and other smaller animals.


Dried Apples, bananas, timothy hay, barley flour, oat great flour, cane molasses, mixed tocopherols (preservatives), guar gum, rosemary extracts.

Nutrition facts

Crude proteins- 12 %, Crude Fat 4%, Crude fibres 12%, Moisture 10%


  • Fresh
  • Healthy and delicious
  • No added sugar or artificial colors
  • Simple and nutritional
  • For hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, rats and other small animals

Product info

  • Dimensions- 5.9 x 9.5×2.5 inches
  • Weight- 4 oz. (2 packs)

Vitakraft Strawberry Drops Hamsters


Vitakraft comes up with a new concept of best hamster treats. And this treat is nothing but yogurt drops, which is a blast of whey proteins and vitamins. These drops are really very tasty but contain a heavy load of calories.

Vitakraft treats are like junk food that fulfills your food greed but also gives you a bunch of extra calories. But from the perspective of a treat, it’s absolutely fine.

These treats for hamsters are also best for Dwarf hamsters and Syrian hamsters. Vitakraft treats are also called Dwarf hamsters treats and Syrian hamster treats.

The smart resealable bag that the product comes in helps in easy storage and ensures its airtight. These drops should not be fed very often or overfed because of the heavy calories it contains.


  • Yogurt
  • natural whey proteins


  • Made in Germany
  • Tasty and delicious
  • Contains natural whey and proteins
  • Healthy
  • Rich in vitamins
  • Contains essential lecithin
  • No artificial colors
  • A resealable bag that keeps the treats fresh

Product info

  • Product dimensions- 5.1 x 1.2 x 7.1 inches
  • Weight- 4.8 ounces

F.M Brown’s 44497 extreme fruit and nut small animal treat


This product is a treasure box filled with a great variety of chunks of real fruits, veggies and nuts ensuring all supplementary and additional nutrients like proteins, fats and minerals for your little buddy.

All the ingredients are smartly chosen for the mix which contains all the fruits and nuts that we all love and so does your hamsters. This is the best treat you could possibly provide and your hamster pet would do just anything for it.


Apricots, almonds, peanuts, shelled almonds, raisins, kiwi, whole corn, papaya, mangoes etc.


  • Contains real fruits and nuts and veggies
  • Healthy and fresh
  • Rich in proteins fats, vitamins and minerals

Product info

  • Product dimensions- 6.8 x 5.5 x 0.5 inches
  • Product Weight- 6 ounces

eCOTRITION yogis for Hamsters, Gerbils, Rats


Ecotrition is a very promising brand in pet supplies they have a well-known reputation in providing scientifically formulated healthy and nutritious pet feed that helps in healthy growth and nutrition of your little pet hamster.

Ecotrition yogis is another treat product that is made of yogurt. And the best part of this yogurt drops is that it is flavored with delicious cheese. Your hamster or rats or mice that you wouldn’t be able to resist its delicious taste and smell.

These drops contain significant amounts of calcium, proteins that help your pet stay in good health and also provide the extra supplement for its overall health and growth.

Ecotrition treats come in a smart and handy resealable container which helps in easy use and storage without spoiling or degrading the quality of the contents.


Yogurt, cheese flavor


  • Cheese flavored
  • Made with yogurt
  • Tasty and healthy
  • Good container
  • Calcium-rich
  • Easy to digest

Product info

  • Dimensions- 10 x5.2 x3.2 inches
  • Weight- 4 ounces

MAIYUAN Apple Sticks Pet Snacks Chew Toys for Guinea Pigs Chinchilla Squirrel Rabbits Hamster


It is something candy like healthy food for your pet. Hamster chew sticks are not only a general idea of what we call food that is to feed to fill the pet’s stomach, but it’s also a nutrition class food. And, we choose to feed to our dear staff for their better growth.

And, you see these do not harm the consignee s teeth even a little bit.

Suppose, you might think it a bad supplement for your cat’s teeth that we will make negative comments on for it doesn’t matter to them anyway.

These apple sticks for hamsters are tasty your rabbit, squirrel, chinchilla love to take and play with them well and never they are harmful to their teeth but very helpful for making them sharp and playful that cause you have fun.


Nature: Apple tree sticks of 100% natural meaning fully organic,

Color: Pure natural apple sticks along with sweet taste and in short to say it’s fully organic. Smells good and does quick better growth of your pet’s teeth.

Pet growth: Very good for your pet’s teeth growth but not too long teeth it does cause to happen because it might get them affected. These are safe and healthy for your pet simply.

Types: Pure, handmade and safe and good to save even and keep them dry.

Nutritional Facts:

  • Limit overgrowth of the teeth
  • Contain adequate nutrition


  • 100% organic
  • Not harmful for teeth overgrow
  • Healthy and safe food
  • Tasty and natural

Product Info:

  • Dimension: 6 inches long of thin and thick that varies on the type of the apple tree,
  • Weight: 300g in weight and a bundle of them contains many


hamster chew sticks are nice supplement we find as any other alternative. Just feed them and be free of being worry about.

Mega Munchies Small Animal Bonding Treat


This product is like a bag of gems for your pet. Mega munchies small animal bonding treat contains a variety of tasty and nutritionally rich ingredients starting from chunks of fruits like bananas and apples and protein-rich seeds and nuts.

The best part is that all the ingredients used are dried and processed to make it crispy and munchy so that your pet enjoys every bit of it. The product is contained in a resalable foil bang which helps you easily use the product and securely store it back.

As the name suggests this product also promises to ensure you make a good bonding with hamster pet.


Dried apples, dried carrots, banana chips, raisins, split peas, sunflower seeds, corn, pumpkin seeds, vitamins and calcium.


  • Varieties of fruits, nuts, seeds and veggies protein pellets
  • For small animals
  • Rich in nutrients
  • Re-sealable foil bag
  • Healthy
  • Crispy and munchy

Product info

  • Weight– 8 oz.


Make sure you don’t confuse “treats” with its regular hamster food. You should not feed them with the treats very often or avoid overfeeding them. The treats contain considerable amounts of sugars and calories and other stuff. So, overfeeding can lead to an increase in sugar levels in their blood and lead to diabetes, wet tail or even gain excessive weight.

You need to be a little smart in choosing when to treat them. It is most preferable when you are trying to make good bonds with it at the initial stage or its any special occasion or you want to reward them for something. Or you could treat them after they finish playing with their hamster wheel or their hamster toys.

That’s all, we hope this article helps you choose the right product for your pet hamster!

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