Best Hamster Wheel | Hamster exercise wheels

Best Hamster Wheel | Hamster exercise wheels

The best hamster wheel is used for hamster exercise. Just as important exercising is to the human body, it is equally important for pets as well. Regular exercising keeps your gentle pet hamster healthy and fit and keeps its immune system active.

Hamsters and other rodents love running around all day and to meet your little buddy’s creed you must have been looking across the internet to find the best wheels for your pet.

And here we are to reduce your efforts and save your time. We have picked some of the best hamster wheels with some varieties of hamster exercise wheels available on the internet today and have made very genuine and detailed reviews on them.

Before you proceed you have to first make a list of features or characteristics that you require your wheel for hamsters to fulfill and then pick the product. And finally, here are some of the most important things that you need to check before you finalize your pick:

  • Safety of the hamster pet
  • Size of the wheel (depending on the size of your pet hamster )
  • Super smooth and quiet (so that the wheel doesn’t trouble your peace of mind or ruin your sleep)
  • Freestanding or attached to the cage
  • affordability or your budget
Hamster exercise wheel
Hamster exercise wheel

Best Hamster Wheel Review

Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner 9″- Exercise Wheel; + cage attachment [Editor’s Choice]


Exotic nutrition silent hamster wheel is currently the best hamster wheel in the market. It tops the list because of its great quality and performance. The whole exercise wheel rotates on a super smooth ball bearing which makes it very smooth and noise-free during the run.

The back wall of the wheel is sturdy and strong and the front wall has bean-shaped openings which ensure your pet remains safe in the wheel and also prevents it from falling off the wheel while running, the tracks of the wheel is well textured to provide an effective grip to prevent slips.
This 9-inch hamster wheel has no axel in the wheel which avoids spinal injuries of your pet and also there is no chance of getting trapped in it.

This pet wheel also includes a cage attachment which helps you attach the wheel just perfectly in your pet’s cage or it can simply stand firmly alone. Ideal for hamsters, mice, gerbils etc.

It’s a bit expensive but it’s worth the price!


  • Super silent and smooth
  • Glides on the ball-bearing mechanism
  • Well gripped tracks to prevent slips
  • Axel less wheel
  • The solid and safe back wall
  • Bean-shaped openings

Product info

  • Dimensions- 9 inches
  • Weight- 1.4 lbs.

Kaytee Silent Spinner exercise wheel
[Best Under Low Price]


Kaytee Silent Spinner is specially designed for super silent spinning. This best silent hamster wheel can be either attached to the cage or can be free-standing. The material used for the wheel is high-quality plastic which provides a smooth texture and also ensures durability.

The running track is very comforting and takes good care of your pet’s tiny toes. The wheel does not have a long axel at the center of the wheel to cause any sort of disturbances to your pet hamster during the run.

This Kaytee Silent Spinner exercise wheel is perfectly suitable for hamsters, mice and other smaller rodents.


  • Super quiet spinning
  • Super smooth motion
  • Good quality plastic material
  • 6.5-inch diameter

Product info

  • Dimensions- 3.8 x 6.5 x 8.2 inches
  • Weight- 9.1 ounce

Kaytee comfort exercise wheel 8.5″ large


Kaytee comfort wheel comes in a sturdy and durable stand which keeps it still and avoids shaking while the wheel is being used. it also can be attached to the pet’s cage.

The wheel comes in different sizes and colors. The comfort wheel is designed to provide easy entrance and exit, it also makes sure it does not bother the pet’s tail, Otherwise, It will harm the hamster taming method.  It has a smooth running surface and also operates smoothly.

Kaytee comfort wheel is not of the best of quality but it is cheap and if well maintained and frequently lubricated it will prove to be a great product in the low price range.


  • Can be free or attached to wire cages
  • 5.5’ diameter
  • Colour and size options
  • Cheap and affordable

Product info

  • Dimensions- 3.6×5.5×6
  • Weight- 4.8 ounces

Wodent wheel Senior 11″ diameter dark blue and black


Wodent wheel senior is the larger version of the Wodent wheel Jr. This is an 11-inch hamster wheel. It has a larger diameter, larger running track very suitable for larger pets (rodents). It has a “mouse hole” shaped entrances or openings on the front face and a well-concealed back wall or the back face.

This Wodent hamster wheel does not attach with the cage. The pet wheel is attached to a very rigid and firm metallic stand to hold it firm and avoid tipping over.

It may sometimes make a little noise over time but if it is well maintained it runs quite silently.


  • Safety shield
  • ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) approved and recommended
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • 2.6” mouse hole shaped entrance
  • Recommended for larger hamsters
  • The wheel is attached to a strong and stable stand

Product info

  • Dimensions- 12.35 x 11 x 3.5 x2.6 inches
  • Weight- 2 lbs.

Trixie exercise wheel


Trixie exercise wheel comes in an ideal size for hamsters and any other rodents, that do not cause any pet health issues specifically the spine injury. It has a solid surface for running (no rungs) including lateral reinforcements which are for a better grip.

The Trixie wheel is plastic made and is comparatively light weighed. For preventing the pets from accidentally falling off the wheel they used Safety stand and also closed rear wall.

It can be attached to your pet’s cage or can be used free-standing.


  • Plastic made
  • The wheel size is ideal – backbone caring for the animal
  • Smooth motion
  • Quiet motion
  • Solid surface for running with sideward reinforcements which are for better grip
  • Safety stand
  • A rear wall which is closed
  • Attractive color

Product info

  • Dimensions- 11.8×11.8×4.7 inches
  • Weight- 9.5 ounce

The Wodent Wheel Jr 8″ with lavender track


The Wodent wheel junior has an axel based spinning mechanism. It is made of plastic and comes in a very attractive pink color, and its diameter of 8 inches is perfectly suitable for most of the average-sized rodents.

Operates smoothly and does not produce noise. And has a decent lavender-colored running track or surface. The Wodent Wheel Jr consists of round openings in the front face and a concealed second face, the two walls or faces safely contain your pet hamster.

Since it has a central axel it may not be recommended for sugar gliders and other long-tailed rodents.


  • Attractive round entry holes of the wheel
  • Semi-enclosed and the solid rear wall also makes rodents feel safe
  • Consist of a central axel
  • Does not attach to the cage
  • Plastic and lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Attractive color
  • ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) approved and recommended

Product info

  • Dimensions- 9.7 x 8.8 x 5.9 inches
  • Weight-1.2 pounds

Ware manufacturing flying saucer exercise wheel for small pets


Unlike other pet exercise wheels, Ware manufacturing flying saucer exercise wheel comes with a unique design as suggested from the name, the wheel is oriented horizontally. It has no walls or axel to cause any kind disturbances while your pet is running on it.

The spinning apparatus is placed below the running surface. The running track or the surface is very stable, strong and durable it also provides a good grip and avoids any sort of slips. The flying saucer wheel 12 inch assures toe and tail safety.

There are chances for your pet to lose the balance of the wheel as there are no sidewalls for support.


  • Toe and tail safe exercise wheel
  • Smooth performance
  • Solid running surface
  • Unique design

Product info

  • Dimensions- 4.5x7x7 inches
  • Weight- 4 ounces


Our suggestions,
If you want the best exercise wheel for hamster and have a good budget Exotic nutrition silent runner exercise wheel should be your pick.

But if you are low on budget and desire a super silent wheel Kaytee Silent Spinner exercise wheel would be a great choice.

Happy shopping!


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