Best heat lamp for iguanas 2022

Best heat lamp for iguanas 2022
Best heat lamp for iguanas

A little Iguana heat lamp knowledge

Iguanas are reptiles and they are cold-blooded animals, which means they can’t withstand low temperatures or even high temperatures so iguana lovers should be aware of the best heat lamp for iguanas.

At low temperatures or during winters their metabolic activities fall down which makes them really inactive so in the natural environment, they usually hibernate and overcome the unfavorable temperatures until the temperature is favorable again and they can have a normal metabolic rate.

You might be thinking will that same happen with your reptile? But surprisingly, there is a solution! Your pet doesn’t have to hibernate during winter or at cold temperatures in your enclosure or cage if you are able to maintain the required temperature to keep the metabolism rate normal. And a perfect heat lamp for reptile can really work things out.

There are a lot of varieties of reptile heaters in the market today, some are light-producing like mercury vapor lights, some uses infrared technology that doesn’t produce visible light. Keep Reading for the best UVA UVB bulb for bearded dragons.

2 major types of iguana heat lamp in details

Infrared heaters- they produce infrared radiations for heating purposes. They produce minimum or no visible lights but these minimum lights help in the nocturnal view of the animal and they do not trouble the animal’s nocturnal activities.

Mercury vapor light heaters- they are light-producing or emitting heaters, they provide healthy UVB lights that help in providing certain nutrition to the animal and also enhance metabolic activities.

In the following list, we have reviewed and listed the best seven iguana or reptile heaters available in the market hope you find it informative as well as useful.

Best heat lamp for iguanas

Zoo Med Nocturnal Infrared Heat Lamp, 100 watts

Product Price – 13.18 $

Zoo Med uses this smart infrared technology to heat your favorite reptile’s cage just right. It runs 24 hours real smooth and effective and is very durable.

The heater produces very low or minimum light that doesn’t disturb you or the pet at night. Another feature of this low light is that you get a nocturnal view of your pet.

Zoo Med Heat Lamp also has spot reflectors that help in concentrating the heat inside the cage. The reptile heater is versatile and can be used for other pets as well including birds, other reptiles etc.

Features And Details

  • Long heating time perfect for overnight or 24 hours
  • Zoo Med Heat Lamp is versatile as it can be used for other animals too
  • Minimal visible light to avoid owner and pet disturbances
  • The low light helps in nocturnal viewing of the animal
  • Spot reflectors help in concentrating the heat better to the enclosure

Product information

Product weight– 4.5 grams
Product manufacturer– Zoo Med

Zacro Reptile Heat Lamp 150 Watt

Product Price – 11.99 $


Zacro Reptile Heat Lamp has a very Long duration heating capacity, works 24 hours without overheating or melting because of the ceramic coating, and ceramic has a very high melting point so you don’t have to worry about it while it’s on a heavy-duty.

Additionally, it doesn’t even produce much light because of the cool infrared technology and ultimately doesn’t trouble the animal.

Zacro Reptile Lamp also has a digital thermometer that helps you keep an eye on the temperature in the cage or enclosure and avoid overheating or under-heating.

Features And Details

  • This ceramic heat bulb provides 24 hours of incredible heating
  • Suitable for other animals too
  • Comes along with a digital thermometer to keep the temperature check
  • The high thermal efficiency of 99%
  • Non-light heater doesn’t disturb the animal
  • Ceramic coating of the light prevents it from overheating or melting on long the long run
  • Flat-faced design
  • Zacro Reptile Heat Lamp is made of high-quality materials and ensures durability
  • 18 months warranty

Product information

  • Product weight- 3.52 ounces
  • Product manufacturer- Zacro

Fluker’s ceramic heat emitter for reptiles 150 Watt

Product Price – 7.85 $


This ceramic heater runs 24 hours long straight without overheating or melting because of the properties of the ceramics.

This heater also uses infrared radiations for heating and does not produce visible lights and trouble your pet at night. It has a large circular emitter that is ideal for increasing the basking surface.

Features And Details

  • Ceramic heat emitters can be used for 24 hours heating
  • Infrared radiations for heating
  • large circular emitter ideal for basking
  • Designed for use with all Fluker’s clamp lamps

Product information

  • Product weight- 7.02 ounces
  • Product manufacturer-Fluker labs

Zoo Med Day Night Light Combo Pack, 60 Watt

Product Price – 13 $


Well, these are just a combo pack of like ordinary colored light bulbs that emits heat and runs on 60 watts. This combo comes in two colors, one blue, that’s for the day and the other red that’s meant for the night but can work all day too.

It does produce the visible light so if you think that’s not an issue you may go for this product.

Features And Details

  • Contains both red and blue light
  • Blue light for the day with naturalistic light
  • Red light for the night and also 24 hours

Product information

  • Product weight- 3.2 ounces
  • Product manufacturer-Zoo Med

BYB 100 W 110 v Ceramic infrared heater emitter Brooder Coop Pet infrared lamp bulb

Product Price – 11.95 $


This smart and edgy looking ceramic heat bulb also uses infrared technology for heating your iguana cage or enclosure and is perfect for humidity terrarium.

Made of quality ceramic and metal which gives a long lasting performance. It doesn’t produce light and doesn’t trouble the animal during sleep or its nocturnal activities.

Features And Details

  • Light free
  • Perfect for humidity terrariums
  • The material used is ceramic and metal
  • High-quality Ceramic prevents cracking or overheating and also doesn’t melt
  • Keeps a very apt temperature in the enclosure

Product information

  • Product weight- 5 ounces
  • Product manufacturer- BYB

Evergreen pet supplies 100 Watt UVA UVB mercury vapor Bulb/light/ lamp for reptiles and amphibians

Product Price – 29.99 $


The Evergreen Pet Supplies healthy mercury vapor UVB bulb does not produce any sort of harmful radiations or harmful UVC. The healthy UVB produced by the bulb helps in digestion and other metabolic activities.

This product is unlike the infrared heaters, it is a self-ballasted vapor bulb that produces sufficient warmth and also certain essential vitamins required for the animal’s well-being.

The bulb is very versatile and compatible with various other types of enclosures such as terrariums, cages etc. This bulb suits perfectly for iguanas, tortoises, toads, frogs, chameleons, lizards, geckos, pythons and other snakes or reptiles.

This is a perfect reptile UVB bulb. The most important feature of this company is, their products undergo multiple tests and screenings to ensure it is functioning properly and also ensure good quality.

Features And Details

  • The healthy UVB that helps in digestion and other metabolic activities
  • The bulb doesn’t have harmful UVC
  • versatile, suitable for tortoises, bearded dragons, toads, frogs, snakes and other reptiles
  • This Iguana heat lamp also produces certain vitamins that are essential for their health
  • This best heat lamp heats the reptile enclosure very well

Product information

  • Product weight- 8 ounces
  • Product manufacturer- Evergreen pet supplies

Exo Terra Heat Glo infrared spot lamp 120 V, 75 watt

Product Price – 5.09 $


This reddish black spot lamp uses infrared technology for producing the main heat. The lamp consists of certain filaments that produce the infrared waves that are transmitted through the red glass of the bulb. It can easily run for 24 hours continuously.

The infrared heat waves of this best heat lamp for iguanas can be directed in any direction because of its inbuilt special reflectors, which ensures focused heating apart from the overall heating of the enclosure.

Exo terra heat lamp provides an amazing nocturnal view of your pet without disturbing the animal as well as you.

Features And Details

  • Overall air temperature in the enclosure is increased
  • Emits infrared heat waves
  • Excellent 24 hours heating source
  • Low reddish light doesn’t disturb the animal
  • Exo terra heat lamp Provides a wonderful nocturnal view of your pet
  • Inbuilt reflectors for directing the heat to any direction
  • cheap and affordable
  • 120 V, 75 watt

Product information:

  • Product weight- 1.76 ounces
  • Product manufacturer- Exo Terra


We have enlisted all sorts of heaters in the above list. We hope this best heat lamp for iguanas review article helps you choose the best product for your pet. Thank you!


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