Ferret Sleeping Habits and Ferret Bedding. Things You must know.

Ferret Sleeping Habits and Ferret Bedding. Things You must know.
Ferret Sleeping Habits

Ferret sleeping habits is a common quest and also an interesting one. For example, have you ever been heard about ferret sleeping mainly the ferret dead sleep? You sometimes may make a mistake whether they are dead or pretending to dead seems to you for they sleep much.

Ferret is a domesticated animal for you to adopt at your home as they are good pets. Every pet has some characteristics that are different from the other that is we can say its uniqueness. Here goes the matter the same in case of the ferret that is ferret sleeping habits.

Ferret sleeping habits

How Long Do Ferrets Sleep        

You will find that ferret sleeps about 18 hours a day but their sleep is not 18 hours straight. They maintain a schedule in sleeping naturally; very interesting indeed, its sleeping shift is of 6 hours and then 1 hour its playtime and again another 6 hours shift sleep and again 1-hour playtime.

Obviously, they have their “awake” periods that vary from ferret to ferret for baby ferrets sleep more than the young ferrets. And, individually also it’s sleeping and awake periods vary.

So, on average, we can say that a ferret sleeps 14 to 18 hours a day normally. And, it is common to have a query in mind regarding their so long time sleep.

Why do ferrets sleep so much?

The answer we find from research that “Insulinoma” causes a ferret to sleep for long time. When they feel like sleeping, they stop playing and lick the chops much and grinding their teeth. To check this insulinoma, you can test its stool habit.

Can you wake up a ferret?

It is something very difficult to understand their deep periods of sleep whether it is in dead sleep or died. And, you find people sometimes go to a veterinarian office just to see whether the ferret is in the coma stage even. Later, the doctor ensures that it is in deep sleep.

In this case, you should check your ferret body temperature whether it is normal or otherwise to understand its condition or to remove your panic of losing your ferret for good.

Can your ferret sleep with you?

You see that as they are sleeping pets when they feel sleepy, they do not wait to bother about their own home to sleep. They just look for a place to sleep and if it is beside you, in your bed, they will sleep.

Are ferrets nocturnal?    

For their having sleepy nature, anyone can think that they are nocturnal creatures but they are not so. For, they sleep all the time, not at day or not at night only. They sleep when they are tired and they sleep when they feel asleep either.

It is a matter of fun indeed that three fourth of the day time, they sleep which means most of their life span they pass in sleeping.

Are ferrets active at night?

Yes, despite all other nature of the behavior, they also remain as active at night as in the daytime. We see it is active all over the clock. Though it is normally we see that everything has its pick time and off pick where they are mostly active at dawn and at dusk.

Are black footed ferrets nocturnal?

Some of the ferret species, which is black-footed ferret, are nocturnal as they lie in the underground whole day long; they do their all jobs in dark. And, when it is night, the world is calm; they come out of the cave and hunt for ferret food.

Do ferrets like sleeping in the dark?

But there is a question when they are at your home as pets, the scenery is something different. At your home, it mainly likes to sleep in dark. So, we should have the environment created artificially for them to make it dark so that they can have the dark and light sequentially for they love to sleep in dark as well.

Ferret Dead Sleep

What is ferret dead sleep?

We see that sometimes, ferret goes into a deep sleep. This dead sleep is like your ferret is dead for it won’t respond to your any approach to it at that period.

Your all about efforts to wake up will fail at their dead sleep. And, most often the owner goes to a veterinarian to see whether it is dead or not.

Here is a video of ferret dead sleep

Do all ferrets dead sleep?

All ferrets do the same. The question is whether some of the ferrets do it often and some do occasionally. But it is they do by their manner and it is strongly normal to them that is to be also the same to you.

What are the signs of a ferret dying?

So, when you will be able to know that your ferret has actually died. If you see your ferret is going under some physical illness like coughing, weakness, lethargy or respiratory problem.

We mean if your ferret is diseased and its respiration or heart bits are harder and body temperature is lost and heart bit is very faster, then, you have to be ensured that your ferret has died. You see, these are the common symptoms of their losing life.

Symptoms ferret owners might see include weakness, lethargy, coughing, and an increased respiratory rate (breathing fast). This is because the heart is working harder due to the disease process

Ferret bedding 

Ferrets don’t mind whether you keep them in the cage well-furnished or not, it is a normal cage or outside the cage at your home places here and there.

But if your ferret cage bedding is calm and cozy, it would get betterment to sleep well with comfort that we all want to get for our good pets.

Where do ferrets sleep out of the cage?

Ferret bedding
Image: EpicFerret.com

Because, we see that outside the cage ferret can sleep at your home places like; your hammock or blanket or alike, your drawers of underwear or socks, inside the coach, your mattress, underneath the bed, under the carpets, ironed clothes pile under,

And, therefore, you can prepare newspaper, corn cob, recycled paper, wooden pallet for your ferret best bedding. Wooden pallet absorbs their bad odor fast.

And, sometimes the wood might make your ferret sick for getting into yours one way, you should choose your ferret bedding well.

Is hemp bedding safe for ferrets?

You see your ferret is dust-free creatures for their being small in size and if you find your ferret is sneezing, you have to understand that your ferret is being annoyed for there remaining dust somewhere you did not notice rather.

How do I ferret proof my house?

Let’s find out how is to be your ferret house exactly. Here, ferrets’ living or ferret bedding should be;

  • A perfect one for they are very clean and tidy pets,
  • And, a soft one for they like to snuggle up mainly in the soft things,
  • It might your fleece for its being soft and cheap,
  • And, it has to be a durable one,
  • It can be a ferret hammock,
  • You can use the hammock in your cage lining and in the cage-floor,
  • There should have a hole in the bedding,
  • Finally, your ferret bedding should be non-toxic, odor free, clean, absorbent, and a very good one.


Ferret sleeping is an issue for your ferret goes for a different sleeping that is their nature but an uncommon nature. Ferret sleeping habits cost their natural living and help to be healthy always, we should have all the preparation taken for them and for their being a very good pet to domesticate nicely.


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