Guinea pig vs gerbil | Which one do you like?

Guinea pig vs gerbil | Which one do you like?
guinea pig vs gerbil

Guinea pigs and gerbils are starter pets that are world-widely familiar to us. Many of you might have some ideas of these cuddly pets though they are the pets that meet the hobby of nourishing them at home and to have the fun of having them at home too. Their lifestyles and livelihood is surprising to know. Guinea pig vs gerbil, this article will give you a clear idea about these pets. Let’s see what these small pets are actually.

Guinea Pigs:

Guinea pigs are the most common starter pets to us. Their lifespan is 5 to 7 years. Weight is 2 to 3 pounds.

In nature, they are calm and do not bite for we say them as social animals and love to rear at home. Mostly, they are like gerbils. And, if you like to rear, you should better adopt a pair of them.

Guinea pig eat

In adopting at home, you will need a large space for they are very active and move here and there very frequently that is they do by nature. The area should be 4 square feet at least that we find as a suggestion for them.

Their main foods are hay, veggies and plenty of vitamin C, So, you have to ensure space first if you like to adopt them in your home well.


We see these animals as social animals also and another starter pets at the home of similar size of hamster but smaller than guinea pigs. To adopt them, you need a bigger cage and keep not more than two in a cage. It is better to keep one male and one female in the cage at a time.

gerbil pet

You will find them more energetic than the Guinea pigs. And one exception from the guinea pigs is it is prone to bite. So, while dealing with them some carefulness is necessary otherwise it is very fun making to you instead.

Guinea Pig habitat?

Generally, guinea pigs are larger than gerbils whereas guinea pigs need a large flat to run and fresh foods to eat and serve daily. So they should be provided with a large cage.

Gerbil habitat?

Gerbils need a bigger cage to adopt only and do not need to serve fresh foods daily and also they do not run much. If you want to have an open space, you need a smaller floor with a higher vertical space. So, gerbils can be provided with a small cage.

Guinea pig and Gerbil food:

If you want to know about their food habits and alternatives in case of their staple food unavailability, you should have the least idea before you are going to adopt any of them.

Guinea pigs and gerbils in general, eat grains, seeds, cracked corn and pellets and nuts. Guinea pigs like eating hay a lot, though gerbils are not fond of it that much. They also eat vegetables in a small quantity but to be fresh and also the same case in taking fruits. You can buy mix foods available to buy in the markets in the pet food store mainly.

Can guinea pigs eat gerbil food?

This is a very crucial question indeed. We see that guinea pigs do not eat gerbils food for their nutrition values are not samely balanced in the foods defined for a certain species.

gerbil eating

So, we should not go for food of theirs for another for we know the individual food demands by the each; guinea pigs and the gerbils.

Guinea Pig Food List:

  • Bananas
  • Blueberries
  • Cantaloupe
  • Green peppers
  • Parsley
  • Romaine lettuce
  • Strawberries
  • Tomatoes

For more information, check our article about the guinea pig food diet.

Gerbil Food List:

  • Kaytee Fiesta Food
  • Oxbow Animal Health Fortified Health
  • Tiny Friends Farm Gerbil Food
  • Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Food for Gerbils and Hamsters
  • Oxbow Garden Select Gerbil Food
  • Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Diet
  • KayteeForti Diet for Small Animals
  • Rosewood Pet Nature’s Salad Food

Are Guinea Pigs Smart?

Guinea pigs are intelligent yet they are small but smart enough to notice their smartness. Guinea pigs take training well when they are 9 to 10 months old. After cats and dogs, it is the guinea pig that can be trained well.

Are Gerbils Smart?

In case of gerbils, they are also well taming and can understand when their playtime is and follow your trained tricks usually.

Do guinea pigs smell?

In the case of guinea pigs, they smell very less as they move and produce something more urine more than the gerbils proportionately. But in proportion to their size variation between the guinea pigs and gerbils, both do not smell bad.

Do gerbils smell?

You might have the question in common whether they smell bad or not at the time of going to adopt them. It is interesting to know that they do not smell bad at all for they keep in dry, do not drink much and do not produce much urine all that lead them not to smell bad.

Difference between guinea pig and gerbil:

Gerbils are less stockier than guinea pigs. Guinea pigs do not have an external tail where gerbils possess a long tail half of its body length in measurement. If we make a measurement of their tails, gerbils do have 10 inches long and guinea pigs possess of only 5 inches long tails. Gerbils’ ears and eyes are smaller than the guinea pigs’. But both of their color and patterns are variables.

Are guinea pigs better than gerbils?

Guinea pigs are better for those who like to adopt something bigger type and not to adopt the little ones like gerbils and vice versa. But both are homely pets to adapt according to your choice.

guinea pig habitat

Can guinea pigs live with gerbils?

In this case, we see that they do not play together as they are of different species. If you keep them together, you will see that the will pass time more of fighting rather than playing.

Do gerbils like to be held?

Yes, you see that gerbils are an excellent choice as a pet and enjoying to be held. They mostly like to be held, stroked and to be played. They seek attention by you all the time and if once they are intimate with the owner, it does not bite, otherwise, please be careful from its needling bite.

Taming Process :

It is very important to know at taming the guinea pigs and gerbils that every specie does have it’s own manner that should be gone accordingly to cope with it and to tame as well.

First, try to understand its nature and then go with it to make it as you like. So, interactions matter a lot.

Basic guidelines for guinea pig taming and Taming Gerbils:

  • Hand feeding for it is the main point to get into its close contact,
  • Provides its favorite foods like; grains, seeds, flaked peas etc.
  • Give times to tame and keep patience for it takes a week, more than a week and even a month to tame,
  • Let it come to you by its choice,
  • Don’t go with it by force or insulting by irritating,
  • Lend hands to climb on it,
  • Don’t disappoint it and
  • Do not be disappointed as well,

Remember, pets like guinea pigs and gerbils are the best small pets for cuddling but not cuddly toys, they are very important animals for the human race as all the testing and experiments are imposed upon it first.

You should go for its health checkup, nail trimming, vet trips and syringe feeding for they are instinct to run away and return again to you.

As they are small pets to have, you should not play with them like teddy bears.

Following those methods to tame both the gerbils and guinea pigs are wise enough trips to adopt these social animals at home fine. Guinea pig vs gerbil

Now guinea pig vs gerbil, which one will you choose?


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