What do ferrets eat? Ferret Diet & Ferret Nutrition

What do ferrets eat? Ferret Diet & Ferret Nutrition
what do ferrets eat

Surely you are the ferret owner and you want to know about what do ferrets eat. So you are seeking ferret’s food. Am I right? Do you know what the ferret’s favorite foods are? From which food, ferret gets the main nutrients?

In this article about what to feed a ferret, we are going to discuss with you about the ferret’s necessary food ingredients. You have to serve the different meal for your adult ferret and the baby ferret. From the small ferret’s diet to an adult ferret cannot collect adequate food content. So as the ferret owner, you will have to adopt the maximum satiety about ferret diet.

Ferret diet

Ferret is a mischievous animal; they always love to do fun. For this, the ferret owners purchase large cages for them. Due to frisking all day long, they lose plenty of energy from their body. So they need a lot of energy.

You know that ferret is the carnivorous pet, and they get the most protein and nutrition from the meat. So, most ferrets’ food-producing brands use raw meat in the food pack. Which ferret likes most.

What do ferrets eat?

For the ferret, the raw meat is the mandatory meal. Although the ferret likes to eat eggs. However, there should be no more than 20% fat in the ferret food list. There should be a 32-38% protein in the food content. But if fat is more than 20%, it can be harmful for your ferret. Take a look at the ferret’s favorite food list.  

  • Cooked eggs.
  • Raw Lamb (fresh)
  • Raw Turkey (fresh)
  • Rabbit
  • Raw Chicken (fresh)
  • Pigeons
  • Minced beef

Is there anything else I shouldn’t feed my ferret?

Since they are carnivores, so they cannot digest carbohydrates. Such a meal should not be provided for them which are difficult to digest and reduce digestion. The grain is such a meal, which reduces the digestion of the ferret.

There are some foods that carry a lot of sugar, which are not tolerable to the ferret’s stomach. So refrain from feeding your ferret the vegetables, fruits, etc. Take a look at the list of harmful diet for ferret.

Ferret eating
Ferret eating
  • Apple
  • Blackberries
  • Lentils
  • Pigeon beans
  • Pink beans
  • Small white beans
  • Bananas
  • Dates
  • Green Beans
  • Guavas
  • Oranges
  • Sweet potato
  • Rice
  • Salt
  • Chocolate

Many people may ask that, why not vegetables? Although there is plenty of protein in the vegetables. But it cannot be easily digested even though there has plenty of protein. So you have to be careful, due to feeding grain, it can cause the ferret’s bladder stones. In some cases, there may happen the problems in their skin and hair.

Is there any difference in the diet of an adult ferret and baby ferret?

Yes, Of course, there have some differences. The stomach of the child ferret and adult ferret is never the same; the digestive power is also different. An adult ferret can eat raw meat and can digest. That is impossible in favor of a baby ferret. What should you do now? You can arrange the meal for your baby ferret on a specific routine.

  • Fresh meat and water in the morning meal.
  • Only fresh meat at lunch. Chicken meat can be given.
  • Water with fresh meat in dinner, the baby ferret can eat milk, so you can serve them the low lactose milk.
 Cute baby ferrets
Cute baby ferrets

Try to bring some changes regularly to the diet of a baby ferret. Because of the stomach of the baby pets is not developed yet, as they are baby now. So gradually try to bring the change in the ferret’s diet and increase the tolerance of the ferret’s stomach. As a result, a baby ferret will gradually be able to eat solid foods and food hygiene will be increased.

When should I feed my adult ferret?

This is a very sensitive matter because the food routines are very significant for all organisms. The physical growth of the creature depends on the proper food routine. But you are as a ferret fosterer, will get much convenience in this regard. When you buy packet food for an adult ferret, the packet will have all the guidelines for food.

Generally, these animals have more metabolic power, so they need frequent meals.

For example, there is no specific routine for cats or dogs; they take more than 10-12 times of food during the day. An adult ferret can usually accept raw meat 8-10 times a day, but the quantity of food is not more. That’ why the ferret cages contain the food vessel and the ferret accepts the food when he needed. But you should provide food three to four times a day, and change the water.

Can ferrets eat cat food?

Cats and ferret are both carnivores. But not all the food of cat are suited for the ferret. As the cat can take some cooked curry or vegetables as their regular food. But this food is unhealthy for a ferret.

Kitten food can keep you in the food list of your ferret, while you will not have any other way. Because there is a lot of protein in this food, but before feeding, check the food ingredients. If there is raw meat or cooked meat in the food ingredients, it can be easily chosen for the ferret.

Check the three cat food for ferrets in the best food for ferret article. You will find it at the end of the article.

Can ferrets eat dog food?

Although dogs are carnivores, we do not recommend the dog’s food for a ferret. Because the dog’s digestion is quite different, so it is better to stop feeding them the dog’s meal.

Can ferrets eat fish?

Yes, the ferret may eat fish, but it is better to not feed it as a regular diet. Although some food package contains cooked fish.

What do ferrets eat in the wild?

Firstly, the ferret is a carnivorous creature. Meat is their main food, so they like to eat meat more than other foods. The ferrets those lives in the jungle eat anything that is meaty.

They eat :

  • Mice
  • Rabbits
  • Snakes
  • Frogs
  • Voles
  • Also Fish

And they accept the necessary nutrients from the meat. However their digestive strength is low, but metabolic energy is more. So grain food is not beneficial for them; instead, these foods reduce their digestive strength. They prefer raw fish, meat, and kitten food. But cooked food is suitable for them.

There are some other frequently asked questions about ferret food chart. We tried to answer these in short. 

Can ferrets eat fruit?

Yes, you can feed them fresh fruit. But certainly enough levels. I mentioned earlier that the ferrets are carnivorous animals.

Can ferrets eat eggs?

Yes, you can feed eggs to your ferret. Start feeding a raw or cooked egg every week from when your ferret’s age of 6 months.

Do ferrets eat mice?

Yes, they can eat, but refrain from feeding at a younger age. And you should never feed the mice as their primary food.

Can ferrets eat fish?

Yeah, ferret can eat raw and cooked fish. Because they are carnivorous.

Can ferrets eat tuna?

No, don’t let them eat the tuna fish.

Can ferrets eat peanut butter?

No, there is plenty of fat in it. Which reduces digestion of ferret. Even your ferret may die.

Can ferrets eat chocolate?

Ferret likes to eat chocolate, but it is very harmful for them. Eating extra chocolate can cause Ferret’s death. So be careful about feeding them chocolate.

Can ferrets eat apples?

Yes, you can keep apples in your ferret’s food list. Because Apple Carries a lot of nutrients for Ferret.

Here’s a video on ferret diet and what do ferrets eat


Some food awareness for the ferret

The ferret can take food many times a day. So you should reserve enough food in the ferret cage. Now let’s get some information about this topic.

  • They always like to eat dry food, so don’t try to serve them a wet meal.
  • The ferrets don’t want to eat those foods which will be unpleasant to them, refrain from being forced to feeding them the unpleasant foods.
  • Some of the manufacturers provide more than 20% of fat in their food package, and food ingredients may contain grains such as beans or carrots. Be aware of feeding this diet.
  • The ferret can cause abnormal behavior due to an unhealthy diet, if you notice any such symptoms, try to feed them medication.


And Finally…

The pets are very fond of to the people. Because they are very funny and loves to do fun. They frisking all day long, as a result, they lost a lot of calories. They also need healthy foods for producing calories.

We hope you get the best guideline for your ferret’s diet in what do ferret eat article. You are guided about what do ferrets like to eat and what They don’t. So you should emphasize about the diet issues of your loving ferret. Wish your ferret’s long life.


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